Since 1932, Coughlin & Company has financed a wide variety of non-profit, commercial, faith-based and real estate related projects in virtually every state on both a tax-exempt and taxable basis.

These transactions have been used for construction and/or permanent financing as well as to refinance existing debt. These financings have included fixed and floating rate debt, a wide variety of repayment features and various interest rate protection mechanisms. Many of these financings have been “first” in terms of incorporating features and structures not previously used by other investment banking firms or borrowers.

Our investors include a nationwide network of well-known institutions, insurance companies, commercial banks, money managers, faith-based groups and individuals all of whom seek safety of principal and a fair rate of return on their investment.

At Coughlin & Company, our long history and stable family ownership allows us the perspective and experience to create financings that suit the needs of our borrowers for innovation and cost effectiveness and yet are still attractive to our wide clientele of investor clients.